Collection: Rainbows

Lovely, colorful and can vary endlessly, surely there is something special about rainbows?! All macramé rainbows from Pricken & Bönan are made to hang on the wall and create some structure and life e.g. next to a poster wall. They can also be placed on a shelf, but the fringe are best when the rainbow is allowed to act as wall decoration.

The colors in all rainbows can be adapted to your wishes - maybe you have a color theme in the room that lacks the last touch? You can also choose to have a row with thicker yarn or maybe a little glitter? Read more under Personalize! in the menu above or choose a size below and start creating.

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If your favorite animal doesn't exist, I would like to know! When time permits, I am happy to test new projects and I can also make special orders.

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